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Desktop Computers

At Tazila Distribution International, our expert team will talk you through what computer will be best for your needs. Giving you not only desktop computer prices that are amazing, but great service as well.
All our printer desktop computers for sale are guaranteed for quality and compatibility. Our Team supply small businesses, corporates, dealers and government departments. We also deliver for free in the Gauteng province of South Africa.

How to choose a Desktop Computers

Finding the perfect PC can seem a little overwhelming with all the choice and features available. You can pour over specs and features if that's your thing, but a great way to start narrowing things down is to think about what you want to use your new desktop computer for.
Whether you want a new family computer, a business workstation or a performance PC for gaming and design, we'll help you find a desktop PC that's right for you.


High-performance processing, dedicated graphics and plenty of memory are all vital for cutting-edge gaming. It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or it's time to upgrade, gaming PCs have what it takes to make the most of the latest and most popular games available today.


A great family Desktop PC is easy to use, compact and powerful enough to stay current as your family's abilities increase. An all-in-one with the latest Windows operating system is ideal - they're compact, capable and are compatible with most popular software for fun and productive computing regardless of your level.

Business, education or everyday use

When you've got a job to do or an essay looming, you want a simple and reliable computer to let you work at your best. Whether you need a great-value workstation for simple computing or dedicated graphics for a multi-monitor setup (or to make the most of films during break time), a tower PC can work for you.

Design and creative

Graphic design, music production and photo editing software all require serious power to run at their best. A PC tuned to deliver high-speed processing and instant multitasking lets you stretch your imagination and create something you can be proud of.

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